Login King Toolbar





·         Login King Toolbar is an add-on for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Upon a successful installation of Login King, a Login King toolbar will show up in your IE browser.

·         Login King toolbar allows you to bring up Option panel, get liveupdates, go to Help Menu, Add your website bookmarks, perform searching on the most popular search engines and go to your 1-Click Login websites that you saved in Login King account profiles.

·         It takes care of your login data. You just need to login once at any web site. After that, Login King will login for subsequent visit to that web site because it will remember your login data. In addition, important thing is that you can have multiple profiles related to every single login page.


Remember New Login




·         Every time you visit a website that requires login with username/password authentication, Login King can automatically detect this and prompt you if you would like it to remember your login credentials.

·         This dialog window will help you setup all you need related to the new login information. Here you have to enter an account profile name that login will be saved under.

·         You can choose if you want to add this login to 1-Click Logins by checking box beside this option.

·         All login data in Login King are encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption algorithm. AES 256 bit Encryption Algorithm is one of the strongest encryption algorithms existing today and is an approved and standard cryptographic algorithm for use by U.S. Government organizations.


Add 1-Click Login


·         In the Remember New Login Window, you can choose to add this website to your 1-Click Login list.

·         “1-Click Menu” list (Combo Box) at the toolbar saves up your website link and its required login information. Next time you want to go to your website, you can select it from the list. Login King will then browse to that website and login automatically for you.


Auto Login


·         After first time set up, subsequent visit to the same website, Login King will pop up a dialog box with a list of login profiles for this website. If you have more than one user account profile setup for this website, you can select any one of them from the list.

·         After you press Login button, Login King will sign you in to the website automatically.

·         If you want to change login data, click at Cancel button, and after that login manually, which will start Remember new login window, just as it was started first time you visited a page.